About Aure8

Aure8 is a Dubai commodity trading company, focusing on ethically sourced precious metals and gemstones with operations in Africa, South America, and Dubai. We guarantee fair trade prices and safe working conditions for miners. Our commitment to sustainability includes local refining and production, supporting economies and reducing environmental footprint. Aure8 is recognized for supplying high-quality, responsibly sourced products to wholesale jewellery markets, championing ethical and sustainable practices globally.

Our Mission

At Aure8, we lead with an unwavering commitment to ethical leadership in the precious metals and gemstones industry. We prioritise fair trade, ethical sourcing, and sustainability in every facet of our operations. By ensuring fair compensation and safe working conditions for miners and refining locally in Africa and Dubai, we support local economies and minimise environmental impact. Our goal is to set a global standard of integrity and excellence in wholesale jewelry by delivering responsibly sourced, high-quality products.


Ethical Practices

Through Aure8’s network of affiliated companies in Africa and South America, it sources ethically mined minerals at fair trade prices, refining and finishing the product either in Africa or Dubai.


Community Involvement

We strive to support local communities through employment and sponsorship of local programs for healthcare and education to ensure that we meet as many of the UN Sustainable Development Goals as we possibly can.